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 Staff Evie Tips/tricks

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PostSubject: Staff Evie Tips/tricks   Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:04 pm

A few lil helpful tricks with staff evie =D

-Jump immediately after any attack. This will prevent that small delay between your attack and stamina regeneration and you will immediately start regenerating stamina the moment u jump (plus jumping is good to dodge =p)
-Right click after each bar of focus fills to immediately start the next charge level of focus. Not really a trick.. but not many evies figure it out until they are around level 20 and then end up going scythe.
-Speed jumping. In the middle of a jump, shoot a basic magic arrow. This will initiate your magic arrow to shoot after you land, BUT immediately jump again after you land instead of letting it fire off. You wont lose any stamina, and if timed right, it is faster than sprinting by a small percent.
-Use eagle talon smash attack while jumping to increase the dodge speed/distance. This can greatly save on stamina loss vs using the Amber to shield yourself, but not always possible to dodge this way vs larger late-game bosses.

I probably forgot some stuff but I'll add to it if I remember anything =D
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Staff Evie Tips/tricks

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